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Content Creation

Volvo Bringing contemporary perspective to Volvo's heritage

The launch of the XC90 demanded a celebration of Volvo’s design evolution story. Asked to shape and present that story from past to the present, Talk Production created a film positioning Volvo as one of Scandinavia’s key design totem. Brought to life through interviews with Thomas Ingenlath, Robin Page and Max Missoni, and featuring the iconic P1800, the film placed Volvo eternally at the centre of effortlessly stylish design excellence.


Volvo P1800 in Gothenburg.

Volvo P1800 driving through the Swedish countryside.

Volvo P1800 and XC90 in Gothenburg.

Volvo XC90 in Gothenburg city center.

Robin Page, Head of Interior Design at Volvo.

Interior shot of the P1800.

Maximillion Missoni, Head of Exterior Design at Volvo.

Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President of Volvo.